Sunday, June 27, 2010

A-mei 阿妹 as Amit 阿密特 - Hei Chi Hei 黑吃嘿 Black Eats Black translation

WARNING: This video is not:
1. Work safe for workplaces that frown on BDSM imagery (although no actual nudity).
2. Brain safe for people who don't want to see explicit things being done to tomatoes.

Part of a series of Golden Melody Award winners! Amei won best album, best artist, and a lot more. I am working with some Taiwanese speakers to translate the song that won best song, so look forward to that, maybe?

你的頭長在哪邊 where's your head?
怎麼不在脖子上面how come it's not on your neck?
我被你晾了一夜 you left me out to dry for a night
早餐配著你的黑輪I ate oden with you in the morning
陪你看警匪片 學會以眼還眼I learned "eye for an eye" watching crime films with you
我不還嘴 是正在 醞釀一舉攻堅when I don't talk back it's because an attack is brewing
對你的笑 藏冷箭to your smile, hiding cold arrows
你說的 那家店 明明全面禁菸you said that place obviously forbids smoking
你的宵夜 到底在 哪個家裡解決so you decided to get your midnight snack there
沾了一頭 菸臭味enveloped in a cloud of stinking tobacco
#黑吃黑 鬼咬鬼 #black eats black, ghost bites ghost
愛演我陪你演you like to play, I'll play with you
是哪個妹 又被騙 it's that girl who's the one getting fooled
躺著給你安慰into lying down to give you comfort
有夠可憐 how pathetic!
我超想見她一面I so wanna take a look at her
黑吃黑 鬼咬鬼 black eats black, ghost bites ghost
愛演我陪你演you like to play, I'll play with you
是我也想 惦一惦 it's me who wants to have a try
我有多少極限and find out how many limits I have
你的謊言 是我的飯後消遣your lies are how I pass the time after dinner
現在是西元幾年 what year is it AD now?
還把劈腿當作表現we're still treating two-timing as something to show off
愛不愛一念之間 to love or not within an instant
不過就是一句再見but it's just a goodbye
折磨你 打哈欠 還得陪我上街tormented by yawns you still go shopping with me
然後半夜 摸著黑 上別條船搞鬼later, at midnight, you grope in the dark, to do a number on the other girl1
黑夜白天 都別睡 whether at night or during the day, you won't sleep
你放心 我絕對 永遠笑容滿面relax, I'm definitely always gonna be smiling ear to ear
找到一天 跟你說 我的耐心有限but you'll find one day I'm gonna tell you my patience is finite
少在那邊 想挽回cut it out, you'd better pull back
repeat #REPEAT #
少在那邊 cut it out
你的專業謊言 對我是種表演your professional lies are a kind of performance to me
少在那邊 cut it out
你的專業眼淚 對我是種笑點your professional tears are a kind of joke to me
少在那邊 cut it out
你的專業犯罪 對我是種磨練your professional crimes are a kind of endurance test to me
少在那邊 cut it out
準備滾到一邊or get ready to get knocked to the side
1. In Chinese, one of the slang for "two-timing" is "having a foot each on two boats". The end of this line is literally "getting on your other boat to make some mischief".

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