Saturday, May 22, 2010

David Tao Zhe - Wang Bu Liao (Can't Forget) translation

I love, love, LOVE the contrast in David's voice in this song during the rap when he goes from saying "BIG STRONG HE-MAN NO NEED WOMAN" to sniffling that women are just so cruel to sensitive guys. It's very subtle, and totally on purpose. Oh David. If I weren't married I'd heart you right up.

This song borrows heavily, musically and lyrically, from a classic 60s song of the same name by Taiwanese singer Carrie Koo Mei. That's probably why David sings that he's going to take us back... all the way back... old school style. XD

Chinese and translation, with some notes, under the cut. The rap has some nice slang in it, if you like learning such things.

Some kind of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind going on in the video. What computer!David says at the end of the video is basically "Do you have an unforgettable love, [yet] is there something you can't recall? Welcome to Unforgettable Love Memory Co."

忘不了 忘不了can't forget, can't forgetwangbuliao, wangbuliao
(I can't get you outta my mind no no yeah yeah)(I can't get you outta my mind no no yeah yeah)(I can't get you outta my mind no no yeah yeah)
忘不了 忘不了 can't forget, can't forgetwangbuliao, wangbuliao
忘不了你的錯 can't forget your faultswangbuliao ni de cuo
忘不了你的好 can't forget your goodnesswangbuliao ni de hao
忘不了雨中的散步 can't forget taking a stroll in the rainwangbuliao yu zhong de sanbu
也忘不了那風裏的擁抱*and can't forget the embrace in that windye wangbuliao na feng li de yongbao
在寂寞的長巷 in a long lonely alley zai jimo de chang xiang
我們見了最後一面 where we saw each other the last timewomen jian le zuihou yi mian
你說散就散 you wanted to break up so we didni shuo san jiu san
我也不想再和你爭辯 I don't want to fight with you eitherwo ye bu xiang zai he ni zhengbian
誰能阻擋 誰能Move on Yeahwho's gonna resist? who's gonna move on, yeah?shei neng zudang? shei neng MOVE ON, YEAH?
*忘不了你的好 *can't forget your goodnesswangbuliao ni de hao
忘不了你的淚 can't forget your tearswangbuliao ni de lei
忘不了你的SMILE can't forget your smilewangbuliao ni de SMILE
我以為忘了 可我忘不了  No NoI thought I could forget, but I can't forget, no nowo yiwei wangliao, ke wo wangbuliao, NO NO
忘不了你的錯 can't forget your faultswangbuliao ni de cuo
忘不了你的愛 can't forget your lovewangbuliao ni de ai
(I can't get you outta my mind)(I can't get you outta my mind)(I CAN'T GET YOU OUTTA MY MIND)
我都忘不了 怎麼能忘了 I can't forget at all, how can I forget?wo dou wangbuliao, zenme neng wangliao
(I can't forget you)(I can't forget you)(I CAN'T FORGET YOU)
BADABA~ That's right BADABA~ That's rightBADABA~ THAT'S RIGHT
BADABA~ Uh Uh 忘不了 忘不了 忘不了BADABA~ Uh uh, can't forget, can't forget, can't forgetBADABA~ UH UH wangbuliao wangbuliao wangbuliao
*忘不了 忘不了 can't forget, can't forgetwangbuliao, wangbuliao
忘不了妳的淚 can't forget your tearswangbuliao ni de lei
忘不了妳的笑 can't forget your smilewangbuliao ni de xiao
忘不了葉落的惆悵 can't forget the melancholy of the fallen leaveswangbuliao ye luo de chouchang
也忘不了那花開的煩惱*and can't forget the distress of the flowers bloomingye wangbuliao na huakai de fannao
那寂寞的長巷 in a long lonely alleyna jimo de chang xiang
景色依然就在眼前 the scene is still before my eyesjingse yiran jiu zai yanqian
情人換又換 lovers change and change againqingren huan you huan
我已不心酸不再想念 I'm no longer heartbroken nor nostalgicwo yi bu xinsuan, bu zai xiangnian
時間讓一切都Move on Yeah Yeahtime makes everything move on, yeah yeahshijian rang yiqie dou MOVE ON YEAH YEAH
repeat * but last 2 lines change to:repeat * but last 2 lines change to:repeat * but last 2 lines change to:
妳早就忘了 是我忘不了 you've long forgotten, it's me who can't forgetni zao jiu wangliao, shi wo wangbuliao
(I can't forget you)(I can't forget you)(I CAN'T FORGET YOU)
BADABA~ Ah Ah, That's rightBADABA~ Ah Ah, That's rightBADABA~ AH AH THAT'S RIGHT
BADABA~ 忘不了 忘不了 BADABA~ can't forget, can't forgetBADABA~ wangbuliao wangbuliao
忘不了 忘不了 Come oncan't forget, can't forget, come onwangbuliao wangbuliao COME ON
什麼都「嗯」什麼都「嗯」everything unh, everything unhshen2me dou1 hng, shen2me dou1 hng
什麼都只會「嗯」 everything will only unhshen2me dou1 zhi3 hui4 hng
你到底要做濫好人 do you really want to be a loser nice guy?[1]ni3 dao4di3 yao4 zuo4 lan4 hao3 ren2
被她擺佈到什麼時候呢how long are you gonna let her order you around?bei4 ta1 bai3bu4dao4 shen2me shi2hou ne?
你不要繼續坐在那裡一直可憐自己 don't just sit there always pitying yourselfni3 bu2 yao4 ji4xu4 zuo4 zai4 na4li yi4zhi2 ke3lian2 zi4ji3
忘了她 可以的 你是個帶種的男人的forget her! it's possible! you're a powerful man![2]wang4le ta1! ke3yi3 de! ni3 shi4 ge dai4zhong3 de nan2ren2 de!
反正妳對我們的愛從不看重 anyway, you women[3] never even consider our lovefan3zheng4, ni3 dui4 wo3men de ai4 cong2 bu2 kan4zhong4
付出那麼多但妳卻都不感動 we invest so much and your heart isn't even touchedfu2chu1 na4me duo1 dan4 ni3 que4 dou1 bu4 gan3dong3
現在隨便妳要怎樣我都不傷痛you can do whatever you want now, it doesn't hurt mexian4zai4 sui2bian4 ni3 yao4 zen3yang4, wo3 dou1 bu4 shang1tong3
我忘了 我忘了 我忘了I've forgotten! I've forgotten! I've forgotten!wo3 wang4le, wo3 wang4le, wo3 wang4le
我忘不了I can't forget...wo3 wang4bu4liao3...
1. Modern Taiwanese culture has a whole set of lingo around 好人, literally means "good person", but you'll understand when I tell you it's equivalent to the sentiment in "You're a nice guy, but...". IE that you're being dumped because she thinks you're a boring loser but you're not actually offensive. For example, literally "sending a good person card" has the colloquial meaning "dump" because of this.
2. I want to use something slangy to translate 帶種 here, because it's slangy in Chinese. I thought about "you're a macho man" but I can't hear "macho man" without going into the Village People song. 帶種 means... willful, gutsy, bold, fierce, daring. A lot of those in combination with "man" sound kind of camp in English, which is not the connotation in Chinese. Any suggestions?
3. In the first part of this wrap he was using the masculine second person 你. Here he switches to 妳, the feminine, pronounced exactly the same; this is only different in writing. So I translated it as "you women" but it's just "you" and the "you" is specifically addressing a female.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lisa*Djaati - 最好的朋友 Zuihao de Pengyou Best Friend translation

4shared is irritating me because the preview always cuts off the end of the song.

In the meantime, use this Box link:

談笑間觸碰我的手laughing and brushing against my handtanxiao jian chupeng wo de shou
原來也不代表什麼it didn't mean anything after allyuanlai ye bu daibiao sheme
難道我等什麼你來牽我could it be that when I was waiting for you to come take my handnandao wo deng sheme ni lai jian wo
我們只是最好的朋友we were only best friends?women zhi shi zuihao de pengyou
壓抑我真實的念頭stifling my real thoughtsyayi wo zhenshi de niantou
不許有回應的舉動and not letting out any movement in responsebu xu you huiying de judong
雖然從來沒有真擁抱過although there's never been a real embracesuiran conglai meiyou zhen huaibao guo
我卻如此感同身受I'm actually deeply grateful for thatwo que ruci gantongshenshou
讓我作你最好的朋友let me be your best friendrang wo zuo ni zuihao de pengyou
不期待 不佔有 只想看你快樂not expecting, not possessing, only wanting to see you happybu qidai, bu zhanyou, zhi xiang kan ni kuaile
不會難過 就怕變情人更寂寞[I] won't get upset, I'm only afraid that becoming lovers would be even lonelierbu hui nanguo, jiu pa bian qingren geng jimo
我愛你 這秘密 永遠都 不說I love you, the secret will never be spokenwo ai ni, zhe mimi yongyuan dou bu shuo
(repeat verse 2)(repeat verse 2)(repeat verse 2)
(repeat chorus 1)(repeat chorus 1)(repeat chorus 1)
當你是我最好的朋友when you are my best frienddang ni shi wo zuihao de pengyou
別談愛 別承諾 其餘無話不說don't flirt, don't make promises, but say anything elsebie tanai, bie chengnuo, qiyu wuhua bu shuo
你最懂我 在口是心非的時候you understand me most, when words don't match the heartni zui dong wo, zai koushixinfei de shihou
還記得 用微笑 提醒我 心痛and remember to awaken my heartache with a smilehai jide yong weixiao tixing wo xintong