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JS - 殺破狼 Sha Po Lang translation

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This was the opening theme for the 2004 wuxia series Chinese Paladin.

"Sha Po Lang", the title, refers to three stars within Chinese astrology. The names of the stars also have literal meanings: "Sha" means "to kill", "po" means "to break", and "lang" means "wolf." The lyrics of this song play with both the motif of fate written in the stars, and with the literal meanings of the star names.

A very beautiful song. JS stands for Justin + Sophia, the brother and sister duo. Justin wrote the music and lyrics for this song, and Sophia sings it. Here's their official YouTube.

The MV seems to depict a couple who keep getting reincarnated, only for the warrior guy to get killed over and over. Dude, in your next incarnation, become a florist or something. Seriously. She's getting tired of this.

沉睡了千年的身體 a body that slept deeply for a thousand yearschenshuile qian nian de shenti
從腐枝枯葉裡甦醒 wakes from within rotten sticks and dried leavescong fuzhikuye li suxing
是夜鶯淒涼的嘆息 it's the desolate cry of the nightingale shi yeying qiliang de tanxi
解開咒語that undid the spelljiekai zhouyu
遺忘的劍被誰封印 who sealed the forgotten sword?yiwang de jian bei shei fengyin
追隨著簫聲和馬蹄 following the sound of flutes and hoof beatszhuisuizhe xiaosheng he mati
找到你[I] find youzhaodao ni
最光榮的犧牲 the most glorious self-sacrifice zui guangrong de xisheng
是武士的宿命 is what the stars foretell for the samurai1shi wushi de suming
揮刀的瞬間yet in the split-second that the sword waveshui dao de shunjian
心卻在哭泣the heart is weepingxin que zai kuqi
*生 是為了證明 *live, in order that there be proof*sheng, shi weile zhengming
愛 存在的痕跡of love, a trace which existsai, cunzai de henji
火 燃燒後更偉大的生命as fire, which after burning out has a more magnificent fatehuo, ranshao hou geng weida de shengming
殺 是為了歌頌 Killing2, in order to praiseSha, shi weile gesong
破滅前的壯麗the majesty before the Annihilation3Pomie qian de zhuangli
夜 是狼深邃眼睛 night, is the deep eyes of the Wolf4ye, shi Lang shensui yanjing
孤獨等待黎明in loneliness awaiting the dawngudu dengdai liming
看不見未來和過去 unable to see the future and the pastkanbujian weilai he guoqu
分不清生死的差異 unable to distinguish the difference between life and deathfenbuqing shengsi de chayi
不帶走喜悅或遺憾 not bringing along joys nor regretsbu daizou xiyue huo yihan
離開這裡leaving this placelikai zheli
破曉和月牙在交替 the daybreak and the crescent moon alternatingposhao he yueya zai jiaoti
我穿越過幾個世紀 I have passed through several centurieswo chuanyueguo ji ge shiji
只為你only for youzhi wei ni
櫻花瓣在飄零 cherry blossoms are driftingyinghuaban zai piaoling
這悲涼的風景 in this bleak landscapezhe beiliang de fengjing
長袖揮不去a long sleeve can't wave away changxiu hui bu qu
一生刀光劍影a lifetime of the gleam of bladesyisheng daoguangjianying
Repeat *Repeat *Repeat *
我 是否已經注定 am I already destined or not?wo shifou yijing zhuding
這流離的宿命 to this wandering fate by the starszhe liuli de suming
我殘破的羽翼my broken wingswo canpo de yuyi
直到你 是你讓我找回自己until you, it was you who made me look back for myselfzhidao ni, shi ni rang wo zhao hui ziji
Repeat *Repeat *Repeat *

1. I thought about translating this as "paladin", since that's the English name of the series, but the motifs of cherry blossoms, wandering, and glorious self-sacrifice are very samurai-esque, wouldn't you say? Wushi is the Chinese characters for bushi or samurai in Japanese.
2. Sha, kill, also part of the star name 七殺 "Seven Killings". The modern scientific name of the star is Mu Sagittarii.
3. Po, break, as part of the word pomie annihilate, also part of the star name 破軍 "Breaking the General". The modern name is Eta Ursae Majoris.
4. Lang, wolf, also part of the star name 貪狼 "Greedy Wolf". The modern scientific name for the star is Alpha Ursae Majoris.

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