Wednesday, April 7, 2010

S.H.E - Love and It'll Be Right/Ai Jiu Dui Le

The translation running around for the title of this song seems to be "Love's right". Which isn't exactly wrong, except that the lyrics of the song distinguish between 愛是對的 and 愛就對了. The former means, without question, "love is right" or "what's right is love". So we have to interpret the latter a bit differently. The word 就 is here seems to be showing cause/effect relationship; 了 here seems to be showing change of state. So I translate it as "Love and it'll be right".

This is a brand new music video, as in, it just came out today.

(Just as an advisory, I've seen bad lyrics going around for this one. The lyrics that I used to translate it are the correct lyrics, because they are the ones in the subtitles of the official MV.)

I have a number of translations to post here today, so I apologize for spamming your RSS feeds.

總是要流一些滾燙熱淚it's always only after shedding some boiling hot tears
才能換來對愛的體會that you come to experience what love is
妳看 世界沒有毀滅 look, the world hasn't ended
心也沒有碎your heart hasn't broken either
其他的就交給時間解決give time the rest to solve
妳當然可以重新再愛of course you can love again anew
受過傷的更懂怎樣愛與被愛those who have been hurt understand best how to love and be loved
所以 別再沉溺有他的回憶so, don't wallow in memories of him anymore
有空再回憶 when you have time, think back again
離開妳的只有他但是愛還在the only thing that left you is him, love is still there
聽我說 listen to me
*愛是對的 錯的是我們*love is right, what's wrong is us
還沒學會愛 who still haven't learned to love
就急著愛人 而愛錯人yet we rush into being lovers, and love the wrong people
可是 愛就對了 遇到下一個but love and it'll be right, and when you meet the next one
愛上就愛了 and you fall in love, love
痛苦或快樂 都是獲得whether it's painful or happy, it's all part of it
oh~oh~oh oh
我當然經歷過妳現在的感受of course I've experienced the way you're feeling now
我想那是人必經的折磨 yeh~I think that trial is necessary to being human, yeah~
也許 每個人都該是某個人 成長的助手maybe, everybody should be somebody's helper in growing up
受一點苦痛幫助他成熟having some pain helps that person mature
聽我說 listen to me
Repeat *Repeat *
別探聽他的線索 別等待他會回頭don't pry into what he's doing, don't wait for him to look back
愛~不喜歡看人軟弱love~ doesn't like to see people weak
別繼續把心封鎖 別躲在傷心裡頭don't keep locking up your heart, don't hide within your grief
愛~萬一來了別錯過love~ if by chance it comes, don't miss out
Repeat *Repeat *
#聽我說 #listen to me
愛是對的 錯的是別人love is right, what's wrong is other people
自以為懂愛 who think they understand love
才會又愛人 又傷害人yet love people and hurt them over and over
可是 愛就對了 愛了就值得but love and it'll be right, once there is love it'll be worth it
愛這門功課 love is a lesson
艱深但快樂 愛就對了perplexing yet happy: love and it'll be right
Repeat #Repeat #
愛來了別錯過when love comes, don't miss out

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