Saturday, March 27, 2010

Faye Wong (Wang Fei) - Cold War (Lengzhan)

I did this pinyin by hand and I'm notorious for making mistakes when I do that, so if you see one let me know.

This is a Mandarin cover of Tori Amos's "Silent All These Years". Faye also has a Cantonese version, which supposedly has better lyrics, but you know what, Cantopop fans ALWAYS say that the Cantonese version has better lyrics. Canto-fans, I am calling you out for being snobs, lol.

The quality of this video is a shame, because Faye is really showing her diva power. Especially the way she looks directly into the camera as she says "and I hate you". Somebody get me an ice pack because I feel the burn, yo.

沈默之中仍克制不要呼吸 chenmo zhi zhong reng kezhi bu yao huxistill inside the silence, holding back my breath
怕觸摸空氣壞了情緒pa chumo kongqi huaile qingxuafraid that disturbing the air will ruin the feeling
為你鎖住了問號 wei ni suozhule wenhaolocking up the question marks for you
等親愛的你吻去 deng qin'aide ni wen quwaiting for you, my dear, to kiss them away
欺騙自己qipian zijideceiving myself
從不想不忍心看穿你 cong bu xiang bu renxin kanchuan niI never thought I wouldn't have to the heart to see through you
聽說你和我最好朋友在一起tingshuo ni he wo zuihao pengyou zai yi qiI've heard you're with my best friend
我也學別人靜靜地看你倆演戲 wo ye xue bieren jingjingde kan ni lia yanxiI've learned from other people the performance of looking cool-headedly at the two of you
也不願分離ye bu yuan fen liand I'm not willing to separate either
#相對#xiangdui#facing each other,
默默無語 momo wuyusilent, speechless,
好像你我早有了默契 haoxiang ni wo zao you le moqiit seems like we had this unspoken agreement from the beginning
永不要幼稚地猜疑yong bu yao youzhi de caiyito never be childishly suspicious,
但表情 dan biaoqingbut our expressions,
彼此表情冷冷地說明bici biaoqing, lengleng de shuomingour expressions toward each other, coldly explain
冷戰繼續lengzhan jixuthe cold war continues
多少年 duoshao nian?for how many years?
愛你也恨你ai ni ye hen niI love you and I hate you
*流言 風一般在身邊飛來飛去 *liuyan feng yi ban zai shenbian feilaifeiqu*rumors whirl about my body like the wind
從不聽不問不想懷疑cong bu ting bu wen bu xiang huaiyiI never listen, never ask, I don't want to doubt
怕會無力編織 pa hui wuli bianzhi afraid I'll lack the strength to pull together
地久和天長的證據 dijiu he tianchang de zhengjua proof as eternal as heaven and earth
怎麼給你zenme gei nihow could I give it to you?
不多心不問你卻不得不理 bu duo xin bu wen ni que bu de bu liI can't ask you without being over suspicious, but I can't help paying attention
不強求偏偏想挽留不放棄bu qiangqiu pianpian xiang wanliu bu fangqiI won't force you and yet indeed I want to urge you to stay, not to let go
永遠專心地寂寞地和你演戲 yongyuan zhuanxin de jimo de he ni yanxiforever doing this all-absorbing and lonely performance with you
不管願不願意bu guan yuan bu yuanyiwhether willing or unwilling
(# except last line)(repeat # except last line)(repeat # except last line)
相敬如冰xiangjing ru bingour mutual regard like ice
我愛你 你也愛我wo ai ni, ni ye ai woI love you, you love me
這個諾言現在你對她承諾zhe ge nuoyan xianzai ni dui ta chengnuothis promise, right now you're promising it to her
依賴過空虛過傷過痛過好過yilaiguo, kongxuguo, shangguo tongguo haoguodepended, hollowed, wounded, ached, enjoyed
我輸掉了你獨消瘦wo shudiaole ni du xiaoshouI've lost you and waste away alone
冷靜再冷靜再冷靜 lengqing, zai lengqing, zai lengqingcool-headed, more cool-headed, more cool-headed
將錯就錯 jiang cuo jiu cuoif it's a mistake then so be it
愛情怎麼算對錯aiqing zenme suan duicuohow can love be counted as correct or mistaken
陪著你順從你縱容你 peizhe ni, shuncong ni, zongrong niaccompanying you, obedient to you, indulging you
可會使你回頭kehui shi ni huitouso that maybe it would make you turn around
repeat *repeat *repeat *
相對xiangduifacing each other
默默無語 momo wuyusilent, speechless,
好像你我早有了默契 haoxiang ni wo zao you le moqiit seems like we had this unspoken agreement from the beginning
永不會幼稚地猜疑yong bu hui youzhi de caiyiwe would never be childishly suspicious,
但冷冷表情dan lengleng biaoqingbut how cold our expressions
表情冷冷 biaoqing lenglengour expressions are so cold
沒有言語 沒有言語 沒有言語 meiyou yanyu, meiyou yanyu, meiyou yanyuthere's no words, there's no words, there's no words
冷清清lengqingqingdesolately cold
多少年 duoshao nian?for how many years?
相對難相戀 xiangdui nan xianglianfacing each other but can't love each other
究竟多少年 jiujing duoshao nian?ultimately, for how many years?
可惜又可憐 可惜又可憐kexi you kelian, kexi you kelianpitiful and pathetic, pitiful and pathetic
讓你走過眼前rang ni zouguo yan qianletting you walk by before my eyes

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