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No just kidding it's just a flower show. One of my roommates went to the 2008 flower show and borrowed my camera to take pictures, so I've sort of been there vicariously.

I haven't done any "new" releases for a while, and I'd like to translate more new things, instead of just reliving my old favorites. I've become too unadventurous, I think. I don't look for new artists like I used to.

陪自己 看煙火 take yourself to see fireworks
陪著自己 去兜風take yourself out for fresh air
向軟弱 說分手 break up with weakness
自己旅行 自己夢travel by yourself and dream by yourself
喝一罐 冰啤酒 drink a can of cold beer
灌溉久違的酒窩flood up that long-absent dimple
讓笑容 回到雙頰的粉紅let your smiling face have two pink cheeks again
那是誰說女孩沒有ROCK'N ROLLwho was it that said girls can't rock'n roll?
我對我說當最後只剩下我 I tell myself at the end there'll only be me
誰是我英雄who's my hero?
*看不到 找不到 等不到 妳的HERO*can't see, can't find, can't wait for your[1] HERO
為何不 作自己 隻手撐天的SHEROwhy not be your own SHERO who holds up heaven with her hand[2]
#妳可以 我可以#you can, I can
為自己赴湯蹈火的SHERObe our own SHERO come hell or high water[3]
像女王 揮舞著 驕傲披風like a queen flourishing a proud cape[4]
先轉身 先自由 turn around first, freedom first
先說再見 先解脫say goodbye first, liberate first
世界在 他背後 the world is at his back
原來這麼 的遼闊the whole time it was this vast
也堅強 也溫柔 and strong, and gentle
也有緊握 的拳頭and with a firm fist
去敲奏 全新生活的節奏go play an all new rhythm of life
在我的編年史中 in my biography
寫下了一個傳說I've written a legend
要把History 改寫成Herstorycorrecting HISTORY into HERSTORY
在我的回憶錄中 in my memoirs
快樂要蔓延很久happiness will spread forever
那就今天開始建造我王國 and it's today that it started with the founding of my kingdom
我是女王一般的 SHEROthe same as a queen I'm a SHERO
Repeat *Repeat *
妳可以 我可以 you can, I can
為自己赴湯蹈火 不再退縮for ourselves come hell or high water, cower no more
不要了 不找了 don't, no searching
不等了 誰要 HEROno waiting, who wants a HERO?
站出來 作自己 stand out and be your own
隻手撐天的 SHEROSHERO who holds up heaven with her hand
Repeat #Repeat #

1. Female second person pronoun.
2. Is this a reference to Mao's famous "women hold up half the sky"? I don't know. I can tell you that the verb is not the same (in Mao's famous saying, the verb is 頂 which is more like "carry on your head").
3. "Go through water and fire" is the literal idiom, the meaning and expression is very close to "come hell or high water" in English.
4. You know. Trimmed with ermine or something.

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