Monday, March 22, 2010

Ding Wei - Small Landscape

It's interesting that many PRC artists are eschewing English names... they just go by pinyin of their name.

To the extent I have a preference, I must admit I love the English names of many Chinese artists... Fish Leong, Oxide Pang, Cheer Chen, Deserts Chang, etc. Plus name drama, like when Alan Luo became Show Luo (his Chinese name stayed the same). I love names period. I would be happy if everyone had tons of names... and that does actually have precedent in Chinese history... your birth name, your style, your posthumous name if you're an emperor, etc.

I've got a Chinese name, and picking it was a lot of fun, so I feel sad if Chinese can't have the fun of picking an English name, lol.

HOLY CRAP, I just idly Googled my Chinese name and there are other people who have it! MORE THAN ONE. Among them, a park director, some kind of academic, and a cute teenage girl! Rock on, 王愛真們!

Anyway that's off the subject. LOL.

Trying a different formatting. I'm leaving off the tone numbers in the pinyin because, first of all, the tones are irrelevant when you sing, and second of all, I think it looks messier.

小風景Xiao FengjingSmall Landscape
小石頭xiao shitoua small stone
小蜜蜂xiao mifenga small honeybee
小螞蟻xiao mayia small ant
小聰明xiao congmingsmall intelligence
小問題xiao wentismall problems
小秘密xiao mimismall secrets
大天空da tiankongthe great sky
大海洋da haiyangthe great ocean
大大的宇宙和想像dada de yuzhou he xiangxiangthe great big cosmos and the imagination
小的我xiao de wosmall me
只能當 zhi neng dangonly able to make
小風景xiao fengjinga small landscape
太陽看不見我taiyang kanbujian wothe sun can't see me,
我卻感覺到溫暖的光wo que ganjuedao wennuan de guangand yet I do feel the warm light
星星找不到我xingxing zhaobudao wothe stars can't find me,
我卻大聲地對它們歌唱wo que dasheng de dui tamen ge changand yet I'm singing a song to them in a big voice1
1. Normally I would translate as loud voice, but because of the big/small in this song I'm being more literal.

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