Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yufeimen - Happy New Year 2U

Trying something a little different with this one... this is the pinyin and translation, instead of the original Chinese.

keai de Xiao Ji fei wang Wen'gehuacute Lucky1 flies towards Vancouver
pei zai fumu de shenpangat the side of his parents
piaoliang de Luyi yiran hai zaibeautiful Louie2 is still there
meitian bu ting de fannaothe everyday troubles never stop
jianqiang de Aling zai Malaixiyastrong Ah-Ling in Malaysia
zhuiqiu ziji de mengxiangchasing her own dreams
congming de Dandan yiran hai zaismart Dandan is still there
yingfu bu duan de benmangcoping with the constant rush
wulun tianyano matter if it's the other end of the sky, la i yeah3
bu fen haijiaowithout regard to what corner of the sea4, la i yeah
xi nu ai leaffections, rages, sorrows, joys5, la i yeah
yi yiqi wuall dancing together
happy new year 2 uhappy new year 2 u
happy new year 2 uhappy new year 2 u
happy new yearhappy new year
happy new yearhappy new year
yonggan de Tuzi hai liu zai taxiangbrave Rabbit is still staying in a distant land
xunzhao xinxian de fangxianglooking for a fresh direction
wenrou de Saosao yiran hai zaitender Sister-in-Law6 is still there
yangzhe wawa de chengzhanggazing at her growing baby
(repeat chorus)(repeat chorus)
1. Xiao Ji, "Little Luck". A name for a kid.
2. This is the transliteration for either English Louie or French Louis.
3. My own transcription for the little meaningless sound she makes at the end of the lines.
4. For both of these lines I am being a little more literal in order to sound more poetic. Tianya, "sky shore", means "a far away place, the other side of the world"; haijiao, "sea corner", means cape.
5. Again, being literal because it sounds nicer. It's an idiom meaning the whole range of human emotions.
6. No way not to make this sound awkward in English, because we don't use the familial titles in English the way they are used in Chinese. This means specifically one's older brother's wife. If my brother's wife spoke Chinese, it would be totally normal in our conversations for me to address her as Saosao instead of her name.

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