Thursday, February 11, 2010

Biung Wang - Hongye Chuanqi (Legend of the Red Leaves

The Red Leaves were a 1960s little league baseball team that is indeed legendary in Taiwan. Originally the team was started to encourage Bunun (an indigenous people of Taiwan) children to go to school. This particular team did so well, however, that they won the island-wide little league championship and defeated a Japanese team as well.

Biung Wang, as I mentioned in my earlier translation, is Bunun, and so of course this song (which he wrote himself) is an expression of personal pride in his heritage.

蜿蜒的路沿著溪流 when you follow a snaking road along a stream
走到沒路有個部落to the point where there's no road, there's a tribe
山上小孩踩著泥土 the children on the mountain stamp on the mud,
大聲的笑熱情歡呼laughing loudly in an enthusiastic cheer
石頭當球傳給隊友 using a rock as a ball, passing it to teammates,
手當手套接每一球using hands for gloves, catching every single one
流著汗水看著山頭 sweat drips in my eyes as I look at the mountaintop,
我的雙手用力揮著木頭swinging a stick with all the strength of my hands
iyanaya-o-ho 讓我們高舉雙手iyanaya-o-ho, let's lift up our hands
iyanaya-o-ho 聽聽這個節奏iyanaya-o-ho, listen to the rhythm!
iyanaya-o-ho 緊握手上的木頭iyanaya-o-ho, the stick tightly held by my hands
就是現在一起揮出夢想中的全壘打is just about to swing out the home run of my dreams
Ole ole ole ole Ole ole ole oleOle ole ole ole Ole ole ole ole
Ole ole ole ole Ole ole ole oleOle ole ole ole Ole ole ole ole
門口的狗對空亂吼 the dog at the gate howls at the sky in confusion,
抱怨沒人帶牠走走complaining that nobody's taken him along
阿嬤陪著阿公喝酒 Ama is drinking with Agong1
大人看著小孩打球as the grown-ups watch the kids play ball
背著書包裡面裝球 the schoolbags on our backs have balls in them,
上課發呆等著練球we stare at nothing during class waiting for practice
好球壞球保送安打 no matter if it's a good ball or bad, you gotta hit it,
我只想要快樂打棒球I just want to have fun playing ball
哈哈 輕吻風的溫度ha ha! the warmth of the light kiss of the breeze
哈哈 回應楓的招呼ha ha! the echo of the maple trees
哈哈 大口呼吸一起來ha ha! let's all take a deep breath together and
哈 哈 哈 哈ha, ha, ha, ha
哈哈 田裡搖擺的穀ha ha! the grain swaying in the fields
哈哈 享受孩子的舞ha ha! the dance of the kids celebrating
哈哈 大地紋上祝福ha ha! the earth is full of blessings
紅葉傳奇 在山谷中飛舞the legend of the Red Leaves in dancing in the air of the valley
1. Drinking alcohol, specifically. I translated a song before where Ama was used as an ethnic (non-Han) term for mother; in this context in Taiwan it is actually a term for grandmother, and Agong is grandfather.

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