Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wang Rong - Duo Ai (Much Love)

王蓉 - 多愛Wang Rong - Duo Ai (How Much Love)
發生那麼多事 你說可以忘掉so many things happened, and you say it can be forgotten
你準備好嗎 可我沒有have you gotten ready? cause I haven't
verse oneverse one
我的男孩 你問我能否重來my boy, you ask me if I can come over again
不知如何回答 只想一個人走開I don't know how to reply, since I just want to go off by myself
你該靜下來 孤獨的夜色多美you need to calm down, the lonely night light is beautiful
因為曾經執著的我 不想再哭著醒來because the me who was once so attached doesn't want to wake up crying again
我的世界刮來狂風暴雨my world was rocked by raging winds and torrential rain
冷的痛的讓我無法呼吸it was cold and hurt to the point where I couldn't breathe
想對自己好一點I want to treat myself better
好一點不容易better isn't easy at all1
快樂總是讓人視線模糊happiness always makes people's vision blurry
痛苦卻能讓我看清楚but pain will make me see clearly
誰能告訴我 夢想擁有的愛情who can tell me, in the romance I dream of having
到底有多愛in the end, how much love is there?
quietly quietly
你的世界沒有了愛 是否才會想起我存在isn't it only when you run out of love that you remember that I exist?
verse 2verse 2
關鍵問題現在還沒有解決the crucial question hasn't been settled
未來想得多點又有什麼關係how do you think our relationship will be in the future?
放下所有自尊 放下固執本身letting go of ego, letting go of stubbornness
都是因為放不下的一個人it was all because of a being alone that couldn't be let go of
verse 3verse 3
我只想擁有一個屬於我的真實I just wanted to have my very own true
愛情這個時候你就剛好出現了love, and you just happened to appear then
於是沒有理由 崩崩嗆開始崩崩嗆結束so, without any reason, we were choking at the beginning and choking at the end2
很快完成上半時the time's almost half gone
你到現在還不明白生日那一天you still don't understand why on your birthday
為什麼要送你那張王蓉的專輯I gave you that Wang Rong album3
愛情就像裏面不同風格十首歌romance is just like the ten songs in it with their different styles
要有快有慢有主有次it needs fast and slow, primary and secondary
才能完成下半時only then can you get through the second half of time
verse 4verse 4
一年之間 我們的愛太簡單in that year's time, our love was too simple
怪停不下腳步 沒時間慢慢成熟strangely never stopping its steps, no time for slow maturation
不知道傷害 原來可以永遠甩不開I didn't know that hurt, all along, was something that can never be shaken off
於是我想哭可是哭不出來so I want to cry, but the crying won't come out
(chorus x2)(chorus x2)
(repeat verse 2)(repeat verse 2)
1. Repetition and wordplay here with hao yi dian. The first line could be translated in isolation as "I want to be a bit better to myself" and the second as "good isn't easy at all". In the first the yi dian is a comparative meaning "a bit more", in the second the yi dian attaches to bu to mean "not at all".
2. I need to think of a better idiom here to express this. Reminds me of a quote from Home Movies, "We got off to a bad start and then we went on to a bad middle and eventually we came to a bad end."
3. Just a tad shameless, yes.

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