Saturday, February 13, 2010

Landy Wen - Wish Me Happy Birthday

The title could just as easily be "Happy Birthday to Me". I used to prefer that, now I'm leaning towards "Wish Me Happy Birthday". Could go either way.

我知道傷心不能改變什麼 那麼 讓我誠實一點I know a broken heart can't change anything, so, let me be honest a little
誠實 難免有不能控制的宣洩 honest, I can't get away from an uncontrollable urge to come clean
只要關上了門 不必理誰just shut the door, no need to mind anyone
*一個人坐在空盪包廂裡面 手機 讓它休息一夜*sitting alone within an empty booth, my cellphone? I'll let it rest for the night
難 像切割切掉回憶的畫面 it's hard, like cutting until the edges of my memory drop away
眼淚不能流過十二點the tears can't keep going past 12 o'clock
#生日快樂 我對自己說 #happy birthday, I say to myself
蠟燭點了 寂寞亮了the candles are lit, the loneliness shining
生日快樂 淚也融了 happy birthday, the tears are melting too
我要謝謝你給的你拿走的一切I want to thank you for everything that you gave and took away
△還愛你 帶一點恨 還要時間 才能平衡△I still love you, with a little hatred, I still need time, before I stabilize
熱戀傷痕 幻滅重生 a scar from passionate love, a rebirth from disillusion
祝我生日快樂wish me happy birthday
Repeat *,#,△,△Repeat *,#,△,△

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