Monday, September 6, 2010

Landy Wen Lan - Fatang (Burning) translation 溫嵐- 發燙

A few hilarious notes about the video: Miami is conspicuously lacking in black and Hispanic people. Hmm. And the street signs are clearly from Hawaii. This is like when people ask me to translate something for them and I'm like "Um, that's Japanese."

"Whatever, that's all the same right? What does it mean?"

People always seem to treat "the exotic" as more or less interchangeable... you could also say this extends to the music. Penned by Jay Chou, it has a strong Middle Eastern vibe. So, Middle Eastern Miami Hawaii. In Chinese. Woo!

邁阿密海邊 棕欄的樹叢Miami beach, clusters of palm treesMaiami haibian, zonglang de shucong
微熱的南風 微熱的南風warm southern wind, warm southern windweire de nan feng, weire de nan feng
手牽著手 還在 曖眛中摸索hand in hand, but still fumbling in ambiguityshou qianzhe shou, hai zai aimei zhong mosuo
街上人群猜不透我們算是什麼the people on the street can't figure out what we are to each otherjieshang renqun caibuxiu women suanshi shenme
一路沉默 緊閉嘴角the entire way silent, mouth shut tightyi lu chenmo, jinbi zuijiao
突然說出 愛我then suddenly you say you love meturan shuo chu ai wo
腳底 髮梢 from the soles of my feet to the tips of my hairjiaodi, fashao
全被不安情緒給籠罩 I'm enveloped by a mood of disturbancequan bei bu an qingxu gei longzhao
關於耳邊呢喃 已經聽不到as for the murmur in my ears, I already can't hear itguanyu erbian ninan, yijing tingbudao
安靜已久心臟 左邊暈眩狂跳 my once peaceful heart is jumping giddily and madly in my left sideanjing yijiu xinzang zuobian yunxuan kuangtiao
邁阿密的下午 誰知道an afternoon in Miami, who knows?Maiami de xiawu, shei zhidao?
我感到臉頰一直在 發燙I feel like my cheeks are constantly burningwo gandao lianjia yizhi zai fatang
我感到胸膛 小鹿在亂撞I feel like there's a little deer running around crazily in my chestwo gandao xiongtang xiao lu zai luanzhuang
濕潤的嘴唇 被你覆蓋說不出話 不出話my moist lips overlaid by yours can't say a word, not a wordshirun de zuichun bei ni fugai shuo bu chu hua, bu chu hua
我感到臉頰一直在 發燙I feel like my cheeks are constantly burningwo gandao lianjia yizhi zai fatang
溫柔從髮稍 一路在擴張tenderness is extending from the tips of my hair the entire waywenrou cong fashao yi lu zai kuozhang
曖昧的感覺逐漸蛻變成 the feeling of ambiguity is gradually shed and changed intoaimei de ganjue zhujian tui biancheng
一種愛情的模樣a romantic styleyi zhong aiqing de moyang

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